Friday, July 12, 2013

Breaking the Block

I want so badly to write a really great, humorous blog full of insight and profound thoughts, but nothing is coming. In fact, I was thinking of writing nothing at all, and waiting for the inspiration to hit. Then I remembered that sometimes you have to screw timing and just do it! If I am to keep blogging, and not allow the Vortex to swallow my blog up whole, I need to write.

Is there anything you have been putting off because you are waiting for the right inspiration, the right moment, or the right conditions to sweep you up into action? If so, try just doing it. It may not come out perfect on the first try, but it will lead you forward toward your goal(s) least that is my hope!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stupid Vortex...

Well, no I didn't exercise the other day. We were going to take a family bike ride, but mother nature didn't cooperate. I could have gone to the gym, I suppose, but didn't.

Yesterday, was a waste too. I did nothing but lay in bed all day. I think I'm back-sliding a little after the fun and excitement of last week with family.

In fact, I find myself this week in that critical space where choices are made. I stand at a precipice. To my back is normal life activity and relative contentment, and before me, the seductive Vortex wooing me with false promises of rest and safety. I feel its gravity slowly winding around me, pulling me closer to the edge.

I have been staring at the TO DO list on my desk all morning. I just want to crawl back into bed. I'm not tired, I just want to encase in a cocoon and shut down.

And yet, something stops me. What did I learn in group therapy? What am I supposed to do to shift my mood? Change one part of the chemical formula to get a different result. Okay, that is what I will do.

Sorry for the lame-o blog post. Part of changing the formula is for me to actually post on my blog this morning - even though I am struggling with it.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back to Basics

Depression is seeping back into my pores like a slow moving fog. My thinking is becoming more negative, I am irritable, and I don't feel like doing anything about it. 

I do know why, though. This past week, family came into town for a 4th of July reunion. No, my family didn't cause the depression {necessarily ;) }; rather, I threw caution to the wind and neglected self-care. I ate what I wanted, stayed up to all hours of the night, drank waaay too much caffeine and not enough water, and now I am paying the price.

I seem to think that I can take a break from a healthy lifestyle the way most people can. Depression however, like diabetes and heart disease, is a physical illness that requires daily attention to lifestyle; and failure to do so, will manifest symptoms of the disease.

Therefore, my goal for the day is to at least get back to the basics (see the 4/26/13 post, Wellness Part I: Physical):
  1. (8) glasses of water
  2. Exercise - ride bike with husband and daughter
  3. Eat (5) small meals - protein / carb balanced
  4. Bed by 10:30 PM
I'll keep you posted.