Saturday, August 10, 2013

Middle Age Madness

Being read the wine list
at last night's dinner out.
Addiction aside, I don't know how anyone over 30 can drink copious amounts of alcohol and function the next day. I can't even function sober! 

Here are some recent examples:
  • Made s'mores and put the graham crackers back - in the freezer
  • Made a cup of coffee and put the sugar in the fridge and the half and half in the cabinet.
  • When gardening, set my glasses down in the flower bed, and left them there. Two days and two rainstorms later, I see them from the kitchen window, after I had abandoned my search of the house.
  • Another time, I couldn't find my glasses anywhere in the house, because they were...on my face.
Layer heavy drinking onto that?! Don't know how I'd function even minimally. Dear God, I truly am grateful to be sober!

Friday, August 9, 2013


12:46 a.m.  

I have insomnia, as I've had for the past week or so. I also have writer's block again. I want to write, but nothing comes...which is not entirely true, as I am writing right now.  Huh. How about that...

Today, out of the blue I was hit with a wave of depression as well. Some little incident happened - don't even remember now what it was - and the dark shadow crept up over me. I wanted to sink, to give up and give in to the gravity of the feeling; and I did for awhile. But somehow I pulled myself together enough to continue working and studying in spite of it.  

I have been so out of balance lately - concentrating almost exclusively on studying for finals in summer school and on getting our house ready for an appraiser's visit tomorrow. It will be good to have both behind me by the weekend.

I hope this writer's block thing ends with this post - my apologies if it is less than illuminating...which reminds me. Feel free to suggest topics you'd like me to cover in this blog - drop me a comment below or on the PHTA Facebook page, or send me an email at

Okay...headed to bed. Hopefully, you will see a fresher, wittier blog tomorrow.

Good night!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Beautiful Day

It is a stunningly beautiful summer day! Light breeze, low humidity, temperature 79˚, and a cloudless, azure sky! A tough day to be inside cleaning, but that's exactly what I'm doing.

Another step to mental wellness is surrounding yourself with an organized, aesthetically appealing environment. It helps seal up the Vortex and lifts one's mood instantly.

For a long time now, however, my bedroom has been the antithesis of clean, organized, and appealing; so yesterday, I began working on it. Like so many things that are good for me, though, it was soooo hard to get started. When I thought of the entire process, it was overwhelming; but when I finally broke it down into mini-tasks, the project was well underway. 

Today the clean-up part is done, and I am ready to work on the organizing and aesthetics. By tonight, I should have a brand new room and fresh outlook on the week!

What a far cry from where I was last year at this time!


QUESTION: What lifts your mood? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to share in the comments below or on the PHTA Facebook page: