Friday, May 31, 2013


I just caught myself Googling iPhone 5 phone cases in purple, hoping to find the same case that I have and love on my  iPhone 4. I started grumbling about how the cases don't transfer from phone to phone when I realized I was....procrastinating. I don't even own an iPhone 5, and I am not getting one anytime soon! I do, however, have mounds of laundry, dishes, and paperwork piled up all around the house.

For someone like me, procrastination is a lure of the Vortex. I see a fluffy topic dangling before my eyes, and I follow it on Google to where it may lead. Then I wake up, hours later, not having done what I originally intended to do for the day, and I beat myself up and become even more depressed. Into the Vortex as a self-proclaimed "failure" I go...

Well, not today. I won a small battle with social anxiety yesterday by going to class {and role-playing a psychotic, no less!}; and today, I will win another by attending to my plan. I am going to get two loads of laundry done, do the dishes, get the car inspected, and read Chapter 3 of psychology. And by God I will NOT become a victim of the Vortex!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Social Anxiety

Boy, if any marketing ad ever got it right, it's Nike: Just Do It!

This is the treatment for social anxiety and other anxiety disorders; and yet, this is the one thing someone with anxiety just CAN'T do!

I am going through this mental dance right now. I have been experiencing social angst again, and it's beginning to affect my daily routine. Yet, I know I simply have to do what I think I can't - commute, go to work, spend time with friends and family, etc. 

This is my big goal for the week. To face the fear and do it anyway.... as much as I know I'm going to hate it. I want to be well, more than I want to be comfortable...but boy is it gonna suck!