Sunday, April 5, 2015

Renew and Refresh!

Happy Easter!

Easter and Springtime in general is a time of renewal and rebirth. It's the blooming of new life from what was once dormant and dead. 

A refresh and rebirth is exactly what I need. I tend to get so very stuck mentally - obsessing over and replaying negative thoughts, past events, and anxieties about the future. I obsess too about getting everything "right" and being perfect. One mistake, and my confidence is knocked down yet one more level. (Quite frankly, perfectionism and fear of mistakes are the real reasons I haven't been blogging for the past several months.)

What can I do today to renew and refresh my spirit? 

Today, as I reflect on Easter and the renewal of spirit, I'm trying to let go of these negative mental exercises and let go of the need to control outcomes. Alcoholics Anonymous speaks of "letting go" and taking life "one day at a time", and that's exactly where I'll start. 

I'm sure you've heard all of this before, but it's true. Life is made up of millions of small moments. Moments that contain beauty, joy, pain, sorrow, and laughter. Moments to be savored and experienced just as they are. Moments that will change our hearts and help us grow if we let them. Unfortunately, these little experiences that make up the mosaics of our lives can pass us by unnoticed like ghosts. If we spend our time and energy focused on the past or future, we are left feeling lonely, empty, disillusioned, and scared.

Renewal and rebirth starts only in the Now. LIFE itself is the Now. Log off right NOW and go experience Life!

Happy Easter / Happy Spring!