Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good Things Come...

It feels good, really good when the grip of depression and anxiety begins to release through treatment and recovery. The high one gets from having the soul reanimate one's body and mind is exquisite, but it apparently precedes a slight dip in the road when one discovers that real work still lies ahead.

I think that is where I am now. I have made great strides in overcoming social anxiety and depression, but if I want to take my life to the next level of growth, I will have to work...and I think it scares me a bit. Lately, I find myself procrastinating college coursework in particular.

What have you been procrastinating? What is stopping you from progressing to the next level of growth in your life? Whatever it is, commit to doing just one small thing toward that goal and see what happens.

I commit to doing one unit of Pre-Calculus tomorrow. What will you do? {Feel free to comment with your answer if you are feeling bold!}

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Greg Guevara said...

Don't feel too bad, Ms. Hi-Tops! Even us "non-depressed" types can often feel frightened or anxious about ongoing/upcoming work demands and/or growth opportunities, resulting in procrastination and other forms of avoidance. My relatively stable, successful, productive life is littered with examples.

I think this comes largely from spending too much time thinking about the big picture, and all the work and effort that will be required to achieve what we're after, and all that could go wrong along the way. That can be an intimidating and exhausting thought. That's why your advice about committing to one small thing you can do toward your goal is so good. It is often by breaking things down into bite-sized manageable day-to-day pieces that we are able to "unfreeze" ourselves and get back on track.