Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remember Who You Are

When I awoke this morning, my head was swirling with thoughts: It's 8:00. I only have 10 hours to get my paper done;I feel guilty about missing work yesterday; I have so much to do at work...and at home...

Then, as I was making coffee in the kitchen, I looked out the window, and heard that still, quiet voice within: Remember Who You Are. Remember that you are special and unique to this world and a part of a much larger reality than that of the worrisome little microcosm in your head now.

Struggles will always be there; it's the price of entry to this world. But life is also filled with beauty, joy, and adventure - if you turn your attention there. How you respond to both the good and the bad will determine the trajectory and the quality of your journey. 

Dear reader: Please remember that you are unique and precious - a droplet sparkling like a diamond in the sun's light. There is no other like you in the entire universe, and there never will be! It is your right and your duty to live fully and to reflect the Light!

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