Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do the Next Right Thing

Cool little magnet thing my sister-in-law gave me
Kind of in a rut again - just in a funk overall. It's Sunday night; and though it was a beautiful day when we went downtown to see them play, my MLB home team lost 9-0 to a big rival. 

I guess it's not just that, though. I haven't been able to blog in days either. I'm behind again in school, and as my husband pointed out this evening, I seem to be slipping back into Vortex behaviors - mindless TV and internet, on the couch all day {except, of course, for time spent at the travesty of a game}. 

I'm so tired, tired, tired! Not getting enough sleep. It's 9:48 PM EDT; and I know I should get to bed, but I feel like I need to achieve just one bloody thing today, or I will remain in my funk. Thus, I suppose, I am finally blogging again.

What to do to un-funk? If there is anything I learned in recovery, it's this: no pain, no gain. You cannot run from unpleasant things, you must face them head on. You must do the right thing in each moment. In fact, that's what Alcoholics Anonymous says, "Do the next right thing." 

So the question to ask each moment of this week: what is the next right thing to do? 

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