Sunday, November 24, 2013

Depression Sucks!

I hate depression. Did I mention that yet? Well I do. I'm sick of it! Done! I'm not doing this any I have a choice...

Well, actually I do...sort of.

I can choose to let the depression win, or I can choose to do the things I need to do to feel better: 

  • take my meds; 
  • get 8 hours sleep each night, TV / computer / phone off and lights dimmed one hour before I sleep;
  • exercise 4 - 6 times a week (aerobic, strength, flexibility); 
  • eat 5 mini-meals each day - protein / carb-balanced diet high in fruits, veggies, and complex carbs; 
  • limit caffeine / simple carbs;
  • drink half my weight (in pounds) in ounces of water;
  • pray / meditate daily;
  • make a gratitude list each morning and night;
  • note my accomplishments each night;
  • find time each day for creativity and relaxation; and
  • make and keep commitments to myself and to others.
I just spent the past two weeks sick with a sinus cold and depressed; and now that I am coming out of the fog (yet again!), I am hell-bent on squelching any hint of depression in the future. I know it might not be possible, but I'm sure gonna give it a try!

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