Monday, February 3, 2014

Crossing the Line

It's cold and raining today, but it's sunny and 72 in my head right now! I'm feeling really good! It's the third week of spring semester and I'm fairly on top of things so far.

I think about how things were last year. I was doing okay, but was closer to the edge - walking on a thin line between mental health and the abyss. I have gotten so much better these past twelve months - between medication changes and therapy I've come a loooong way!

Had I not reached out for help back in September 2012, I'm not sure I'd be here today. Sometimes that's all it takes when one is at the end of one's rope - simply reaching out to another person for help.

And that, dear friends is why I'm in school now. I want to be the hand reaching down to another person, helping to pull others up with me. I want to give back the gift of life - and sanity - that I was given. I want to see other people begin to reach their full potential as I am on the road to reaching mine.

That is what keeps me going and makes me happy on this dark, cold, wet day.

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