Monday, March 10, 2014

Good Day Sunshine!

I have blogged before about the importance of sleep for mental health; and today, of all days during the year, I feel this need most keenly. [See Recovery step #2: sleep, damn it! (3/5/13)] 

Daylight Savings Time. Ugh!! On the surface the idea seems great; but in reality, it sucks! I know it is only a one hour difference, but that one hour kills me every time!

This morning, I sleep-drove my daughter to school in the dark again for the first time in a month. Then I came home and went back to sleep - for three hours! I overslept and was late taking my time-sensitive dose of Effexor; and I spent the rest of the day grumpy and in a fog.

So what is the alternative? Skip the Daylight Savings Time altogether? I don't know, maybe. Or...move it to a different day - a brilliant idea that's so elegantly simple it just might work!

I don't normally get "political" on this blog, for obvious reasons. But this is an exception. There is a petition that was started yesterday (see to switch the hour-change from Saturday at midnight to Friday afternoon - thus extending the daylight on an afternoon as you enter the weekend! No sleep lost or weekend cut short - just daylight gained! Think of what this would do for the restaurant and entertainment industry - a little economy boost with the extra Friday hour! Think of what this would do for your psyche!!

If this sounds good to you, I would ask that you check it out, sign the petition, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can think of to get the momentum going. We need a lot of signatures to get the White House's attention, but with your help I know we can do it. Please join me in supporting a win-win idea that will benefit all!

Here is the petition:

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