Thursday, September 4, 2014


Since school started two weeks ago, I've been one giant ball of stress. I've been so worried about all the little details of the projects I have going on with my club in particular that I'm forgetting the big picture. Stressing about the weeds, and losing sight of the forest. 

I need to reconnect to my mission. Why am I doing everything I'm doing? Why am I going back to school, involved in my student chapter, and actively pursuing employment in the field? It isn't to stress myself out. It's because I care about making a difference in the world. I care about helping other people - helping them to climb up with me in recovery from mental illness and addiction. That's the why.

There. I actually feel a little better now!

When you get stressed out by all that you have going on, take a few minutes to reconnect to your mission. Is what you are doing in alignment with your mission? If not, ditch it. Do you even have a mission written out? If not, take some time to contemplate it and put it into words. Your mission is your compass on the road to success.