Monday, March 2, 2015

New Year

Happy {belated} 2015! 

It's been about four months since you last heard from me. {I think I needed to press the "reset" button.} In that time, I made it through yet another holiday season sober; I had a few relapses of depression with subsequent medication changes; I switched to a plant-based diet (giving up meat and dairy entirely); I completed my associate degree in psychology; and I continued to work on my substance abuse counseling certificate.

So now that I'm back and ready to blog again, here's the plan:

  • Each week on PHTA, I will blog about my continuous "adventures" in recovery and will share with you information and resources about mental illness and substance abuse. 

  • In addition, this year, PHTA will also feature Wellness Wednesdays - a weekly post with information, ideas, and resources for maintaining wellness - whether you suffer from mental illness or not.

  • And finally, I encourage you, dear reader, to submit topic suggestions for PHTA posts - either in the comments below, on Facebook (Pink Hi-Top Adventures), or by email at

Have a great week and a healthy and happy 2015!



In 2005, I entered substance abuse treatment for alcohol addiction. My last drink was November 18th of that year, and I've been sober since. Though my life changed for the better as recovery progressed, sobering up was really only the beginning. It drained the pool to expose the disorders that lay beneath.

In August 2012, I was diagnosed with major depression. I was also diagnosed with dysthymia {long-term, low-grade depression} and anxiety disorder. In September of that year, I checked into partial hospitalization mental health care, and was fortunate enough to be treated by very caring and enlightened doctors. Since then, I've been emerging from the grey veil of depression, anxiety, and addiction that shrouded my self-awareness for over four decades. {I’m 48 now.}

This blog is a chronicle of my continuous recovery and progress toward achieving my goals. With it, I hope to inspire and inform those suffering from depression, anxiety, and addiction with personal stories, resources, and a little humor!

The blog title is inspired by my favorite pair of Converse Chuck Taylor's that I wore when I felt my happiest and freest. They were pinkthus the title. 

Interesting to note: when I was depressed (before treatment), I tended to wear only black, white, and / or grey clothing. Now I find I love color - lots of different colors - especially pink. To me, pink represents innocence, fun, and lightheartedness - something I am now experiencing in recovery.

The "Adventures" part of the title is the part of the blog in which I will chronicle my new adventures with a recovering brain. 

So that's it: the why of the title, pink hi-top adventures

If you have any ideas for posts that you would like to see, feel free to post them here on the blog or on the Facebook page (, or email me at

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