Wednesday, January 9, 2013

about this blog

as this is my first blog…EVER…i thought i’d share just a little about me.
i am a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. i am also an alcoholic {sober 7 years}.

in august 2012, i was diagnosed with major depression. i was also diagnosed with dysthymia {long-term, low-grade depression} and anxiety disorder. in september, i checked into partial hospitalization mental health care, and was fortunate enough to have been treated by very caring and enlightened doctors. since then, i have been emerging from the grey veil of dysthymia and anxiety that shrouded my self-awareness for almost four decades. {I’m 46.}

As this new year begins, i feel more like my true self and am FINALLY progressing toward achieving my goals.

this blog is a chronicle of my continuous recovery and progress toward achieving my goals. i hope to inspire and inform those suffering from depression, anxiety, and addiction with personal stories, resources, and a little humor!

the blog title is inspired by my favorite pair of chuck taylor’s that i wore when i last felt my happiest and freest.