Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Game-Changer

Debating class -
every so briefly!

I struggled a lot yesterday with studying. Every time I sat down to read, I'd find something else "important" to do first - like making labels for file folders, reorganizing my supply drawer, buying a pair of electric blue pumps, and learning how paste is made from a TV documentary.

All was not a total loss, though. I went to my psychology class; and I'm very glad I did. I think it was just the push I needed to move in the right direction again.

What Goethe said rings very true, take that first step toward your goal - it is a game-changer! 

I'm looking forward to a new day, and I hope you are too!

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Greg Guevara said...

Study tip (drawing from my own experience): If you find yourself falling behind in your classes, it is often helpful to force a change of scenery, and schedule a change of focus. There are often too many distractions and creature comforts around one's house, or even at one's usual study desk, that make it way too easy to set the school work aside.

Going somewhere that you know will be relatively quiet and/or conducive to getting work done, and scheduling a couple of hours there, can do wonders for getting you caught up. I used to occasionally drag myself to the library or the student union for a "catch up" or "power" session when I sensed the need to get on a better track. I often found that the simple act of actually going out to do this and blocking off time for it made me way more productive during that period and able to get over whatever hump I had created for myself.

Kind of like going to the gym: once you've made the effort to get out there and stepped inside, you KNOW you're going to get your workout done, no matter how much you may have dreaded it at first. And afterward you're always really glad you went. As the sign on the door says, "Showing up is half the battle."