Thursday, April 4, 2013


Alcoholics and addicts are notoriously bad at striking balance in life. It's all or nothing for us. I don't drink a cup of coffee, for instance, I drink a pot! 

My life has indeed been off balance for the past month or so. I have been hyper-focusing on my relationships {thrilled to be out of the solitary confinement of depression and anxiety!}, but neglectful of all else. Well, "all else" - especially school work - built up to a critical point recently, causing me great angst; and like a good little addict, I just wanted to run away!

I think I forgot that medication only does enough to enable me to do the real work myself; and the real work in maintaining balance comes from acting on my goals on a daily basis. I hadn't been doing this. I just kept rolling along, doing the feel-good thing of the moment, or attending to the crisis du jour. All the while, I neglected those things that are truly the most important - the things that will give me the greatest return in the future.  

The solution to my loss of equilibrium: I started using my daily planner again. I carved out a chunk of the past few days to review my roles in life and what is truly important to me, and to update my goals and tasks. {I may even do a blog or video on it in the near future.} 

So, with this road map in hand, I began tackling the important things I need to do each day; and lo and behold, in only a day or two, I started feeling good again. I may not be perfectly balanced, but at least I'm no longer stuck!

What do you do to get yourself back into balance?  

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