Saturday, August 10, 2013

Middle Age Madness

Being read the wine list
at last night's dinner out.
Addiction aside, I don't know how anyone over 30 can drink copious amounts of alcohol and function the next day. I can't even function sober! 

Here are some recent examples:
  • Made s'mores and put the graham crackers back - in the freezer
  • Made a cup of coffee and put the sugar in the fridge and the half and half in the cabinet.
  • When gardening, set my glasses down in the flower bed, and left them there. Two days and two rainstorms later, I see them from the kitchen window, after I had abandoned my search of the house.
  • Another time, I couldn't find my glasses anywhere in the house, because they were...on my face.
Layer heavy drinking onto that?! Don't know how I'd function even minimally. Dear God, I truly am grateful to be sober!

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