Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pink Hi-Top Adventures Blog Planner

Okay, so I'm doing a "happy dance" right now! I just received in the mail a planner that I had purchased from Erin Condren (www.erincondren.com).

It is a beautiful, personalized planner that I will be using to plan out this blog and record the adventures about which I'll write; but that is not the sole reason for my happy dance. 

I also just received a message that Erin Condren just posted my planner cover to their Pinterest "Wall of Fame!" Yippy!!!!!

Okay, I know, I know...a lot of people get posted there, but shazaam! Pink Hi-Top Adventures is on a nationally-known Pinterest Board! Only last month, Erin Condren was on the Today Show!

Okay, okay...that's all I wanted to share. :)

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