Thursday, October 2, 2014

People-Pleasing No More!

As a result of social anxiety, I am a people-pleaser. I've been so for as long as I can remember. I'm terrified of going against the grain and speaking up if I have a differing opinion.

No more.

I just posted an article on Facebook that is not going to win me any friends in the DC area; in fact, I may even make some of them irate. But I've had enough of me just shutting up to keep the peace.while others share their opinions openly and freely.

I'm sitting here now all terrified of the fallout from my post and the comments that may ensue. But I have to stand in my own space and assert my right to speak freely, especially when I feel very strongly that something is wrong and unkind. My voice counts too! My opinions are worthy of consideration too!

Sorry for the cryptic blog. I don't want to discuss the topic in question here because it is off topic to this blog. However, anxiety is very much on topic; and today I took a small step to break the shell of anxiety which has paralyzed me for so long.

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Sprinkled Just Right said...

I 100% understand what you are saying. I have a hard time stating my opinion a lot. I fear someone getting mad at me. I really think that most times, it's in the way it's said. Sometimes it can come off as a true opinion and you can agree to disagree but other times, now those are the ones I fear. That happened on a FB status I posted and two people got in to it. I managed to stay quiet. One being my good friend and one, family. EEEEeeek I need to take your advice!