Friday, October 3, 2014

New Hobby

The first playoff game for the Washington Nationals (against the San Francisco Giants) began minutes ago. I am on the edge of my seat and actually a little nervous! I love the Nats!
At a Nats game earlier in the season.

Not unusual for a seasoned sports fan, but very unusual for me. In fact, before the fall of 2012, when I entered recovery for depression and anxiety, I hated professional sports - baseball included. I thought it was a waste of time and money.

Then as the medication began to sink in, and with the help of therapy, I rekindled a love of baseball. It helped too that the Nats were doing well that season, but mostly it was because I was reconnecting to an old hobby.

I remember before I entered recovery, when I was depressed, my husband would suggest that I needed a hobby. He would ask me what I was interested in and I'd say, "Nothing." (Of course, before addiction recovery in 2005, I'd say, "Wine!") 

It is just amazing the things that come back to you - the things that bring you joy (and an upset stomach as I have now watching this game!) - when you crackle back to life after depression. 

And you know, hobbies keep you healthy too (assuming the Nats win ;) ). They get you actively engaged in life, in living, in feeling connected, and that's a very good thing!


What hobbies do you have? Why don't you spend some time on them this weekend!

Update: Game 2 - I'm there now!

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