Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Journey Continues

Bad blogger. Bad, bad, blogger!

I seem to have lost inspiration for blogging, and I'm no longer sure of the direction in which this blog is headed. It originally was my journey through and beyond depression, anxiety, and addiction; but the truth is, I've been doing very well overall for months now (in spite of what some of my posts say). I think I may be beyond it now - at least, I hope so.

I do miss blogging, though. It's good therapy. I'm going to resume posts even if I may not know exactly where I'm going with it - and even if it is not perfect. {I have a lot of perfection issues around blogging and everything else in my life!}

So, let the adventures continue!


P.S. - Yes, they are low-tops...

P.P.S. - ...and yes, that is a Spock garden gnome.

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