Tuesday, March 15, 2016


{In case you didn't see it in yesterday's Facebook post, and because I need the reminder myself...}


Happy Monday! Yes, I said, 'HAPPY'. Things may not be as you wish. You may not be where you expected to be in life. You may be experiencing illness, grief, loss, or loneliness. It may be raining outside. Or maybe you stubbed your toe. OR you're just plain at your wit's end with the inanity, idiocy, and inhumanity seemingly running rampant through popular culture, politics, and the media these days. Yes, things may suck,


no matter what's going on 'out there', YOU STILL HAVE CONTROL over what's going on 'in here' - YOUR 'in here', that is. You have free will to choose your  behavior, even your thoughts - no matter your current situation and challenges. Use this freedom! Don't relinquish your power to other people, external situations, or the Fates. Choose your direction for yourself, damn it!

As I've heard in AA, "Choose the next right step." So, what will you choose today? What will your next right step' be???

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