Saturday, March 30, 2013


Spring is the time in the northern hemisphere for celebrating rebirth of what appeared to be dead. Crocuses, daffodils, and tulips sprout up through the soil, buds appear on trees, and flowers start blooming. Tomorrow, Christians all over the world will celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the dead as well.

Bulbs I planted last Thanksgiving (2012)
 in gratitude for my own resurrection
At the beginning of 2012, I thought I wasn't going to survive the year - literally - and not because of some ridiculous prophecy allegedly coming at the winter solstice. I was dying. I was becoming more and more hollow inside every day; and by September, I was ready to die. You know the rest of the story {from previous blog posts}. 

This Easter, however, I am grateful {and amazed!} to be alive - to be given the opportunity to live. 

Dear Reader: Please remember when you are suffering that you are not alone. If nothing else, hang on tightly to the thought that there is hope, light, and life on the other side of darkness; and don't let go of that thought until the storm subsides.  

Sending you hugs, positive thoughts, and prayers this Easter,


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Greg Guevara said...

I too am grateful for your rebirth, which has been like a ray of sunshine in my own life. Happy Easter, Ms. Hi-Tops!