Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Change Is Possible

Seven and a half years ago, I found myself sitting in a room full of strangers, shoulders slumped, emptied of tears, and hollow - devastated that I would never drink again and wondering how I was ever going to do it.

On Tuesday night, I sat in the same room of strangers, only this time they were asking me how it is that they will never drink or use again. This time I was the counseling intern and not the patient.

Life is indeed a crazy adventure! So much has changed over these seven years, but none of it would be possible had I not let go of some of my false beliefs and behaviors, and trusted in the possibility of change itself.

You see, change is possible; but we must be willing to make it happen and we must be willing to let it happen. Ultimately, we must be willing to take a blind leap of faith into unknown territory and trust that the best will come of it.

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