Saturday, June 22, 2013

Here's to the Crazy Ones!

I love this quote!  

You and I have the power to change the world, because we have the power to change ourselves. We are all born with this power, and all that is required to harness it is a shift in thinking - a shift in the way we perceive ourselves, our lives, our circumstances, our problems, and each other. 

We can either see ourselves as victims, or we can see ourselves as capable and in control of our own thoughts, words, and actions.

In any circumstance, we can ask ourselves, "Is there anything I can do about this to change the situation and make it better?" If the answer is "No", we need to let it go! We cannot let things out of our control drain us of time and energy. If on the other hand there is something we can do to change a situation, then by golly...we must DO IT! Take action, watch what unfolds, learn from it, and repeat the process.

If we focus our thinking and behavior on the things we can control, we will naturally change the course of our lives as well as our collective destiny!

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