Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sweet Dreams!

Last night, before 1:00 AM...I baked six chocolate chip cookies and ate them all. This after a day of pumpkin bread, an ice cream sundae, a Clark candy bar, and, between heart palpitations, copious amounts of caffeinated coffee.

Needless to say my dreams were off-the-chain wild. My REM brain was filled with images of tornadoes, planes flying under bridges, and flying saucers commanded by aliens who on a loud speaker as they buzzed by me announced they were going to "morgramate" mankind for our evils.

Upon rising this morning, I was less than a dainty flower ready to spring forth into the sunshine.

Let me be very clear about this...sugar is evil. And sugar in the hands of an addict with depression and anxiety disorder is nothing short of thermonuclear! 

I am exhausted... 

This behavior yesterday was not an anomaly. I've been pulling a lot of this crap over the past few months; and, according to the bloody Wii, I have gained 25 pounds since January!


Dear reader,

You are my witness. I have hit my physical fitness bottom. I am committing to you {and even to you, dear husband, who I know is reading this}, that I will exercise five times a week, wean off of the simple sugars and caffeine, and lose the 25 pounds by January 1, 2014. 

Here is my starting weight:

Dear friend who suggested that we exercise together,

Sounds like a plan! 

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