Friday, August 2, 2013

Seven Steps to Mental Health

Hello dear reader!

No, I'm not high on life; in fact, I'm depressed  - or at least feel myself sliding in that general direction. Once again, I've been off in taking my medication, and I haven't been getting sufficient sleep. {And yes, dear husband, I know - I have not been exercising either!} I knew things were getting bad about a half-hour ago when I found myself in bed, eating microwaved S'mores watching back-to-back episodes of Hoarding: Buried Alivestill wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday.

With sticky fingers, I went to press play on the next episode, when I caught myself. I decided I am not going to let myself go to that dark place. I am going to do the things I need to do to get back on track and feel better - even if it feels like an exorcism!

Step 1: Get dressed. [DONE]

Step 2: Make bed - seal up the Vortex. [DONE]

Step 3: Clean my!

Step 4: Exercise

Step 5: Drink water (approx. 80 oz.) throughout the day

Step 6: (4) lean protein / complex carb meals for the rest of the day

Step 7: Bed by 11:00 - no matter where the Nationals are in their 8:10 game

I'll keep you posted!

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