Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rainy Days and...Tuesdays

Ugh! It is raining, hot, and über humid outside; and I am lethargic and struggling. Why is it such an effort some days?!

After yesterday's post about going back to school (see Back to School!), and about progress, not perfection and action, not procrastination, I find myself stuck like a dirty old boot in the mud. With four classes this semester, I have plenty of reading to do, but all I can muster up is a walk from my nouveau Vortex on the family room couch to the sauna patio.

Unfortunately, I don't have school today, and I'm left to my own devices for scheduling my day. Wide open swaths of time are the death of me. 

Okay, Karen. Stop! I have a choice to make here. I can choose to wallow all day, watch YouTube videos or reality TV reruns, and take another nap; OR I can turn the TV off, get up from the couch, get washed and dressed, and read some of my text books. 

I've exhausted the former many times before, and I know exactly where it'll get me - a slow descent into dysthymia. If, on the other hand, I choose the latter, I will feel a little better at the end of the day and will feel a lot better tomorrow when I am prepared for my classes! I don't have to do it perfectly, I just have to start and see where it takes me.

Okay, I'll give it a try.


Hey! Is there anything you are procrastinating that you know you should do because it will be good for you, help you in the long run, and make you feel better about yourself? What is holding you back? Why don't you take a little piece of it and do it now - or sometime today at the latest. 

As I've said before, feel free to comment - even if you are my spouse! ;)

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