Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chip Attack

I was doing great all day yesterday - monitoring and distributing my calories out over the day, eating protein-carb balanced meals with veggies and fruit, and drinking water with lemon - constantly


I went to my psychiatrist appointment at 5:30 pm. I had about 300 calories left to "spend". On my way home, I was really hungry, so I stopped at...Chipotle. I got a chicken bowl with everything and a bag of chips. 

When I got home, I did really well with the eating. I looked up the calories, protein, and fiber online, and divided the meal into fourths and ate one - approximately 300 calories. But I failed to account for the chips! Fortunately, half way into the bag, I stopped myself. 

Then at 11:00 pm, I saw the chips bag, and almost caved in. How I got myself out of it? I grabbed my planner and stared hard at those pictures of outfits I want to wear. (See Motivation.) I asked myself: chips, or skinny jeans? I also got my butt into bed shortly after.

This morning I feel great! I made somewhat of a slip yesterday evening, but I didn't let it derail me. I picked myself up and started anew.


On another note, I told my psychiatrist yesterday about that "zingy" feeling in my head that I've been having. He said the "technical" term for it is "brain zaps", and it's all very normal. He was actually surprised that I wasn't experiencing far more side effects in coming off of Effexor. He said that the previous psychiatrist had me on a dose that was 35% higher than the recommended highest dose!

Bottom line, it will take about three and a half more weeks, but the zingy feeling will stop. I don't know, I'm getting kind of used to it. Gives a whole new meaning to having a "buzz"!

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