Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm Back! (Part Deux)

I'm going to add "supplement medical treatment with alternative therapies" to my list of things to do for recovery. 

As you know, I injured my back two weeks ago. I went to the doctor, but she did nothing for me. She was going to give me a strong pain medication, but said it would interact poorly with my current medications. All I could do was rest it. So, I was down for the count...until this past Wednesday when I had my first therapeutic massage. The results were nothing short of miraculous!*

Walking into the therapist's office that morning, I was stooped and shuffling like a little old lady. But by evening, I was standing erect, my back pain diminished. Now two days later, the pain is gone, and I have complete range of motion in my back - neck too!

I don't know why the doctor didn't suggest it! Is it because doctors don't get enough (or any)
training in using anything other than pharmacological (bandaid) approaches to muscular injury? Or because "big pharma" provides incentives for writing prescriptions, whereas alternative practitioners do not? I can only speculate. Regardless, I am sold on exploring alternatives.

Another alternative medicine approach I am going to take up again is the practice of yoga. I am very eager to resume exercising, but I have to proceed slowly and with care. My goal for the next two weeks is to walk 20 minutes a day and do some lower back yoga exercises before returning to an actual class and resuming full-throttle aerobic and strength training.


For more information, see: 


The Mayo Clinic:



The lower back exercises I'm going to do:

The Mayo Clinic:

*Keep in mind, these were my results; every body is different, and results may vary. And for all injuries, see a doctor first. I personally think alternative treatments should be a supplement to medical treatment and not be a treatment used all by themselves.

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