Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Well it's official folks. I am depressed...


I'm writing this as one of the first steps towards turning things around. Writing is therapeutic and can help one unleash pent-up emotions, problem solve, and get motivated, refocused, and recommitted.

You see, as I've mentioned a lot lately, I'm so DONE with chemical addiction. In the past three months, it's plowed through the lives of several people I know and love, leaving damaged relationships, incarceration, insanity, and death in its wake. And now, yet another individual I know and love is hospitalized and undergoing tests for a potentially life threatening illness that's very likely caused by addiction.

I'm exhausted, spent, and feeling defeated. 

But you can help, DEAR READER!!

If you even remotely suspect you may be abusing alcohol or drugs or have an addiction...


If you will not or cannot drink less than the recommended daily or weekly allowance of alcohol...

Art therapy from my treatment. 2005

If any of the Pink Hi-Top Adventures' posts below rings true for you...

please, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! at very least check out the resources below AND make an appointment with an addiction professional. (I say "addiction professional" because the medical and psychological professions' knowledge of addiction diagnosis and treatment is scanty at best.) 

And for the love of God, please keep in mind you do not have to "check in" just because you are having an interview. Legally, it's entirely up to you. You won't be kidnapped, drugged, or coerced. It's not a cult.

And contrary to what many addicts tell themselves, aside from treatment centers for the rich and famous, addiction treatment specialists and centers do not make a boat load of money. They do it for the love of others and the HATE of the disease. Besides, they don't need you. Believe me, there are more than enough people out there to fill the beds. 

Speaking of money. By law, insurance companies are now required to cover at least some of the cost. In addition, most treatment centers are happy to assist you in coming up with a manageable payment plan. They know that addicts are notoriously bad about personal finance and may well have low-paying jobs, legal expenses, been fired, or lost a supporting partner. And besides, the interview is frickin' FREE!

The only thing that will happen to you in having an interview with an addiction professional is self-knowledge and peace of mind. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!! If you don't have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you can go on your merry way. If on the other hand, you discover you haven an addiction, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN - energy, relationships, health, hope, and LIFE!!


               for the love of God...




National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD)
Pink Hi-Top Adventures:


If you ever want to talk about any of this (or anything else,for that matter!), PLEEEEEEASE contact me at:

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Anonymous said...

Hope things turn around for you soon. Your post inspired me to set up a new appointment with my counselor that I have been avoiding the past 3 weeks. He had a writing assignment for me, that i have been dreading, but need to do. Thanks!!!

Marc K