Monday, September 7, 2015

about pink hi-top adventures

I periodically post this for new readers. If you've already heard this spiel, you may want to go back to your Facebook news feed again, or search for funny cat videos; but do stop by again soon!

For those of you new to this blog - WELCOME!


Pink Hi-Top Adventures is my first blog ever. Started back in January 2013, it's a chronicle of my ongoing recovery from depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. 

Almost 10 years ago, I entered treatment for alcohol addiction. At the time, I thought it would resolve my issues and help me move forward in life. Instead, it drained the pond and exposed the disease within.

I had been anxious and depressed off and on since childhood. Then three years ago, I finally imploded. I spent three weeks in bed - unable to work, unable to shower, unable to function. My thoughts were turning darker too. I fantasized about death and hurting myself; and for the first time ever, it felt comforting and logical.

When I shared this with my husband, he reached out to my therapist; and I was admitted to a partial hospitalization treatment program {PHP} immediately. There I was diagnosed with major depression, dysthymia {long-term, low-grade depression}, and generalized anxiety disorder. Fortunately, I was treated by wonderful doctors and therapists; and, though I've experienced periodic set-backs along the way, I've been doing better overall since.

This blog is a chronicle of my continuous recovery and progress toward achieving my goals - one of which is graduating from college with a psychology degree. Writing is part of my ongoing therapy, but I also hope to inspire and inform you, dear reader, with personal stories, resources, and a little humor!

The blog title is inspired by my favorite pair of Converse Chuck Taylor’s that I wore in my youth - when I last felt happy and free.

And finally, it's my hope that Pink Hi-Top Adventures becomes a place for you to share too. Please feel free to comment and discuss - either here or on the blog's Facebook page. Connect with me on Twitter - @pinkhitops84, or by email at

Thanks for reading!


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